Towards AGI
for Games.

Building the first multimodal gameplay agents.
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New Frontiers in AI.

We are pioneering artificial intelligence agents that can test and play any game. Our agents are vision-based, meaning they see and interact with the game just like a human would. While playing the game, the agents reason about their actions and provide interpretable insights into their thought process.

Core Features.

With our approach we introduce major capability breakthroughs like Interactivity, Reporting, and Interpretability.


Real-time interaction allows for direct influence and observation of AI behaviors.


The agent can report on the status of specific tasks and create structured reports of its findings.


The agent can interpret its actions and decisions, offering deeper insights and enhanced controllability.

QA and Beyond.

We specialize in Quality Assurance for gaming, especially in open-world scenarios, by offering an advanced development tool for dynamic interaction and observation. This tool not only accelerates QA processes but also seamlessly extends to other use cases like player simulation.

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